VEG-WEEK. Menu in harmony with the Planets (in English)


VEG-WEEK. Menu in harmony with the Planets
ART-book| B5 (170х240 mm)
Integral binding: 108 pages
Cover: color printing and matte lamination
Inner pages: full color printing
30 recipes
Autor: Nurgisina Botagoz
Source: www.turquoisekitchen.ru

We are collecting orders for the publication of a wonderful set of PURE VEG recipes from the creative Project «Turquoise Kitchen». We are grateful for your sweet reviews about the Russian Book, and inspired by your desire to present such a Book in English to family and friends.
The minimum wholesale order is 10 pieces, so hurry up to order the book with a discount from the publisher. This is not an ordinary recipe book at all…

What do we know about the Planets, their nature, how they influence our activity, the way we perceive the world, our thoughts, and our emotions? Why do we feel different on various days of the week? How did the names of the weekdays appear? 

It’s a well-known fact that the planetary names of the weekdays came to the Romans from Greece and are related to the names of seven celestial objects. Then through Latin, they assimilated into other languages of South and West Europe. The system of giving weekdays their names in Eastern Asia is also closely intertwined to Latin convention and based on “Seven Luminaries”, which include the Sun, the Moon, and five Planets, visible to the naked eye. These five Planets are connected with the five basic elements: Fire (Mars), Water (Mercury), Wood (Jupiter), Gold (Ve- nus), and Earth (Saturn). In every culture, the names of the weekdays were associated with the names of the Planets or Gods who rule them. Ancient India, in turn, gave to the world an expanded and universal system of “Nine astrological forces” Nava- graha, seven of which are considered as rulers of weekdays: Surya, Chandra, Mangal, Buddha, Guru, Shukra, and Shani. 

Each Luminary (in India – Devata) is inherent with its unique qualities, which determine one or another influence it has both on a biological substance and a psychic sphere of life. Time and direction in the space, symbols, and hymns, jewels and metals, trees and herbs, flowers and colors, cereals and species, vegetables and fruits – everything is related to certain Planets and may be used for balancing or strengthening their influence. 

I offer a simplified everyday nutrition system for each day of the week according to the seven Planets, which is feasible enough for modern people. Adopting these basic principles, you will not only create your menu, start improvising in the kitchen, discover new qualities of life, and multiply the prosperity of your family, but you will be able to transform yourself into a conscious and healthy particle of the universal harmony, honoring the higher purpose of the seven-days Creation. 





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